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Carolynne Martin
Born in United States
16 years
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We are not invincible! Lets all learn from our mistakes and live life without any regrets!Dont take anything for granted! We all miss our angel, lets thank God we got to meet her! Dont drive faster than your guardian angel can fly! Marite











This memorial website was created to remember Carolynne Mary Martin who was born on August 8, 1991 and became our Angel on November 2, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.



Her spirit, happiness, laughter will stay with us forever.
Nini as she loved to be called was an angel on earth and now in heaven, she brightened a room with a unincredible smile that was so contagious you couldnt look away. Her love for nature and animals showed us her weakness. Her hugs are still unforgettable, I still feel them now! She lived life to the fullest and did everything she can imagine, that we thank. Her beautiful long hair shined from a mile away, she never wanted to cut it! I just remeber so much about her as to others and i thank God that i got to have a bestfriend their for me forever, because even if she is gone i know shes watching over us laughing and partying with us. I have NEVER met someone as special as our angel carolynne!
                                                             - Marite, Tiffany, Barby.



Just live life, Never regret anything just learn from your mistakes! Dont take anything for grantted! And please dont forget our angel we are not invincible!

                  Dont drive faster than your guardian angel can fly! 








( Please share any pictures you may have of Nini's life, so we all can enjoy all she was. Please email any pictures you may have to




Barby Sosa & Marite Copado
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rappids! with her daddy and big sister! Bestfriends! I LOVE YOU! Your in my heart forever and ever! Another sister! Like father like daughter! i loved those random conversations we had on the phone. They will always love eachother! Partying like always!